Blood diagnostics,




The missing piece of the future of healthcare

Remote patients monitoring offers great benefits to patients, care givers, clinics, physicians and insurers, and we have all tried it during the pandemic.

But why is it not the norm now?

Problem: blood tests

While it's already a reality to monitor parameters like vitals, blood pressure and heart rate remotely, when it comes to blood tests, we still pretty much rely on the big, bulky and expensive testing equipment that limits diagnostics to centralized facilities where patients have to physically travel to.

Our solution

Low-cost at-home device delivering a seamless patient-to-clinician blood test experience.

Use cases

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Remote monitoring of the side effects of chemotherapy

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Remote monitoring of other chronic conditions

Clinical Testing Experiment

Remote collection of blood data for decentralized clinical trials


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Higher quality of life

Better recovery at home.

More time to spend on activities they love and with family and friends.

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Better allocation of resources

Re-allocation of clinicians, nurses and other resources from routine blood tests or checkups to procedures that require more medical attention.


To create a future where healthcare meets patients where they are,

not where diagnostics want them to be

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